Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to Work

After a nice break due to weather yesterday, we returned to the site today for a productive day of work. In one of the Block One units, we uncovered a very nicely decorated pottery sherd.

                                           Here,Tim is at work screening dirt for artifacts.

 This cluster of rocks which was found in block three
      may be the remnants of a hearth.

                                        We found this pottery sherd decorated with applique and incising.

We also discovered what appears to be more charred timbers.  The most important event today was the finding of a post mold in one of the main units in block one.This is probably the remnants of a center post. By analyzing the layout of the center posts of the structure, it may be possible to make an assessment of the cultural affiliation of the group that inhabited the site. In this area, we also found what Adam thinks are the un-charred remains of a post.

Today one of the shovel testing teams found the tip of a projectile point which was the cause for some excitement as these tests rarely yield anything but lithic flakes or pottery sherds. In block two, we reached sterile soil at 70 cm but continued to 90cm to be sure we were in sterile subsoil. After reaching this depth, the profile wall was cleaned up. As the weeks go on, we are excited by what each days work reveals and look forward to learning more.

Blogged by Adam Lane with assistance from Jamie Haener, Jarred Mclaughlin, and Shelby Richison.

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