Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

We got off to an early start once again, and no one was late this time.  Yay!  After getting our assignments for the day from Elsbeth, we all loaded up the van at 6 A.M. and headed back to the site.  Once there, we unloaded the vans and brought equipment down to the units and started to excavate.  Once again, we found pieces of charcoal and lithic debiatge, and we learned how to map features such as burned posts found within the units.

One of the units is completed.  After reaching sterile soil and failing to find any features or recovering substantial amounts of artifacts, it was backfilled and a new unit location was selected.

We began taking pictures of the units in order to document our work and for later research purposes.  While the units were being excavated, another group of students and professors were creating a topographic map of the area  to be used for further research.

As the work day was ending, a storm blew through, and we set the world record for packing up and and covering a site.  Another day of good work completed!  Now it's time to break into our groups and work on artifact washing, cooking, blog writing, kitchen cleaning, and figuring out how to time travel to make the weekend arrive faster.

Meghan Hemric, Sarah Dumas, Richard Jaggers, Bryce Denton

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